Sticking Doors

If you find your door is sticking and just generally not opening and closing as smoothly as it used to we can, in many circumstances, adjust the door which may have dropped or shifted in the frame over time.  Our experience and knowledge means that we can assess each door on an individual basis to determine if it is an adjustment that is required or if it is due to perhaps a mechanism or lock failure.  A full quote will be provided for you prior to any work taking place.

Door Alignment 

Over a period of time, due to movement, heat expansion and contraction or sometime even due to poor fitting, the door no longer sits square in the frame causing draughts and problems with the operation of the lock which if left, can result in the lock breaking and a rather large repair bill.

If you can’t lock and unlock your door with one hand and using little effort then it needs looking at before it gives way and locks you out. It may be possible to re-align the door for you with no extra costs for parts. This will leave your door operating more smoothly and freely without putting unnecessary pressure on the lock and mechanism. 


Replacing Window Handles

Sometimes as a window gets older and more difficult to close a little too much stress can be applied to the handle causing it to break. We stock a number of handles in different styles and finishes to suit your needs. These can be replaced for you ensuring a longer life space on your window opener. 

Replacing Door Handles

Door handles can suffer quite a bit of wear and tear and sadly they eventually give in getting very loose or breaking altogether. There are many handles past and present and in most cases we can find a replacement of the same type, size and colour. 

Replace Fogged up / Misty Glass Units 

When you get mist or condensation inside the double glazed unit it cannot be repaired as the unit is no longer 'sealed'. It has been said that you can fix this problem by drilling holes in the glass and letting the moisture out. This however does not mend it, it just partly disguises the fact that it is broken.

The only real solution is to replace the unit. For this we make an appointment to come to your house, measure the window and leave you with a free no obligation quote. Once you are happy and wish to proceed we will have a new unit manufactured locally for you to your requirements and then arrange to come and fit it in your existing window frame. This services is a lot more cost effective than replacing the full window and frame. 

Re-Glaze replacement door panels 

Like the glass in a window, the panel in a door can easily be replaced if it becomes damaged. There is a wide choice of replacement available to suit all needs. Clear glass, toughened and various patterned glass can be selected. 

Replacement Doors & Windows.

There will always be a time where we decide we want to replace and not repair, in this circumstances we can offer a variety of styles and coulours for replacement of your doors and windows. We will attend your property to take measurements and then provide an accurate quote for the replacement works offering you a choice of different styles. 

Replace / Repair Broken Window Hinges 

It is difficult to say what causes the window Stays ( hinges) to fail but the result is always the same, the window wont close tightly on the hinge side either at the top or bottom depending on which is broken. This can result in moisture entering the property and the window will be draughty allowing heat from your home to escape. The solution is a new pair of stays (hinges) which will ensure the window is more secure, tightly closing thus reducing draught. 

Hinge Adjustment 

Similar to door alignment the hinges wear or move (door flying open in the wind, slamming shut) again stopping the door locking properly and easily. These can sometimes be adjusted to solve the problem. In these circumstances prevention can be better than cure! 

Replace / Repair Broken Mechanisms 

At the back of the handle there is a small alloy casting which drives a gear cog to lock the window mechanism. These are prone to breaking if anything obstructs the locking pins. We hold stock of a number of mechanisms so that we can quickly and effectively repair the window. Alternatively the required mechanism can be ordered and fitted on a return visit. 

Perished Gasket 

Over time the rubber gasket between the window sash and frame can go brittle so that the window sash does not seal properly to the frame. On most (but not all) this gasket is changeable significantly reducing draughts and noise. 

Other door / window requirements 

Above are the most frequent requirements that we are asked to attend for. If however you require something different for your doors or window please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss. We are happy to help in all areas where possible or to point you in the right direction if we are unable to help.